The Xaxir (singular Xax) are a race of massive, anthropomorphic salamanders. Their skin ranges between five different shades, and different colors of Xaxir have different special powers, all of which are equally formiddable. The Xaxir tend live in large bodies of fresh water, and must be immersed in fresh water with relative frequency, or begin to dessicate. Thus, Xaxir are hard to come by in all but a few islands in the Archipelago. Xaxir aren't particularly intelligent, and tend to live simply, but are fierce warriors, hunting on land and in water to provide for their small tribes.


Xaxir are huge, usually reaching eight to ten feet when standing upright. They are capable of running on two or four legs, and only when travelling bother to wear any sort of clothing. Certain varieties of Xaxir (such as Blacks and Greys) also grow sharp claws or fangs, and can be a terrifying sight to unwary explorers. Xaxir also have the ability to regrow limbs. They are as strong as they are agile, making them terrible to behold on the field of battle.


Xaxir almost always exist in a tribalistic state. Clans work for the betterment for all of their people, and every Xax is expected to contribute in some way to clan life, or else are punished, exiled, or even devoured. Because the Xaxir are able to regrow their limbs, many of their traditions center around devouring one's own or another's body parts. (For example, a common way for a male Xax to try to attract a mate is for him to remove pieces of himself and offer them to her, after which point she will eat the body parts, and judge by their taste and texture whether he is worthy. The more body parts are removed, the more serious the man proves himself to be). These customs are viewed with horror, disgust, and sometimes amusement by most other races.

Xaxir society is focused heavily on hunting traditions. Males and females both prove their strength and endurance by scoring the choicest kills.


Few Xaxir ever travel beyond their homelands to become adventurers. This is for a number of reasons:

-To do so is usually seen as to abandon one's clan and one's people

-Xaxir are often confused upon leaving their homeland, and have not been unknown to partially devour members of other races, not understanding that their limbs will not regrow.

-For the above reason, Xaxir are often not allowed within more sophisticated lands.

-Xaxir require frequent access to fresh water, and dessicate especially quickly in salt water, and so are loath to cross the oceans.

Regardless, those few Xaxir that do choose to become adventurers often find they enjoy the challenge of pitting their impressive abilities against those of their enemies, and the sense of companionship found within an adventuring party often reminds them of the home they left behind.


The vast majority of Xaxir are true neutral. Though they usually have a strong sense of duty toward their own people, and so are often lawful, Xaxir hate living in a society that stigmatizes their cannibalistic customs, and so often turn to the side of chaos. They lean slightly more toward good than evil.