The creation of a Shade is an anomale that has come to be accepted, even expected, in most human societies- that is not to say, however, that Shades themselves are in any way accepted into most societies. In many, they are destroyed as soon as they are born. In others, Shades are exiled or shunned by the populace, or are used as scapegoats for the society's problems.

Shades are Humans that are stillborn, but are roused from their death by some unknown force within an hour of their birth, their body, while not yet rotten, forever scarred with the pallor of the grave.

Shades tread a thin line between life and undeath. They carry many of the traits of humans- a working blood flow, the same internal organs, as well as resourcefulness and ambition beyond that of other races. However, they are also similar to undead in many aspects- they do not fall victim to most poisons or diseases, and are healed by negative energy. They also possess a certain grim calm- a sense of apathy and pessimism, of disinterest and realism. Shades do grow and age, but this process is very different from that of any human.


Shades vary as widely in size and shape as humans do, and by and large look the same. However, they are also somewhat different in a few ways. Shades always have paler skin than normal, and their eyes are glossy and unfocused, rarely show any sign of interest or emotion. Shades tend toward white to black hair, and males are often bald (females too, sometimes). Shades have never been known to grown bears.


Shades have no society of their own. They usually live with humans, as that is where they are born, but they are usually outcasts and misfits. Many turn to crime or the dark arts, and are usually so effective at it that humans will try to get rid of Shades before such a thing can happen. Shades have not been unknown to travel to foreign lands to find company in other, less judgemental races.


Being castaways from the human world, shades often choose to travel the world, and do as they please. Many pursue adventuring for power, others for knowledge, and some simply for something to occupy their time.


Shades are not usually emotional people, and feel no need to dedicate themselves to any cause. They have little faith in any gods or men, and are loathe to bend a knee, so are not frequently lawful. Though some of the more passionate shades feel that they should make revolutionary changes to the world, and are thus chaotic, most simply don't care enough to devote themselves to such a movement. Shades tend slightly more frequently toward evil alignments than good, as they are usually self-serving and uncompassionate, but some, who see all that is wrong and evil and wish to bring and end to it, turn to good. Overall, however, most shades tend toward neutrality on both axes.

Game StatisticsEdit

Medium Humanoid (undead): As normal for humanoids, but healed by negative energy rather than positive, 25% fortification. +4 bonus on saves against effects that drain ability scores or levels. Even effects that normally do not allow a save allow a fortitude or will save (DC determined by DM), but without the +4 bonus. Bonus Feat: Shades are just as adaptive and resourceful as humans, and so gain an extra bonus feat of their choice at first level.

+2 Any Ability Score (or split between two)

Unemotional: Shades are not easily swayed or moved, and gain a +2 bonus on saves against compulsions and other mind-affecting effects, as well as an additional, stacking +2 bonus against emotion effects.

Undead Trait: Shades may choose one of the following racial abilities.

Blood Drain: Gain bite attack that does 1d6 damage. If used against a helpless or pinned foe, damage 1d2 consitution points each round. If killed, the victim rises as a zombie under your command (maximum of your own HD in zombies can be controlled). Shades with this trait age into adulthood by draining blood.

Touch of Death: Gain melee touch attack that does 1d4 negative energy damage/level (maximum 5d4) and parilyzes for 1 round (Fortitude save DC 10+1/2 HD+Cha mod negates). This is usable 1/day/two HD. Shades with this ability age by using it on living creatures (stops at adulthood). Chill of the Grave: The shade's body is extremely cold. Any living creature striking the shade with natural weapons or melee touch attacks takes 1d6 points of cold damage and must make a foritude save (DC 10+constitution mod+1/2 level) or become fatigued for one minute. Whether or not a creature succeeds on their save, they are immune to the fatigue and take 1d3 cold damage instead of 1d6 for the next 24 hours. Shades with this ability age as humans do, but half as quickly.

Aura of Despair: Shades with this ability can activate an aura that causes feelings of hopelessness and sorrow into humanoids around them, for a total number of rounds per day equal to the shade's HD. the shade can turn this aura on and off as a move-equivalent action. This aura has a radius of ten feet, centered on the shade, and anyone who enters the aura must make a will save (DC=10+1/2 HD+cha mod) or take a -2 morale penalty to attacks, checks, and saves for the next hour. Anyone who succeeds on their save against this ability cannot be affected by it again for 24 hours.