Prometheans are a race of humanoids. They are encased at a young age in a magical armour of metal plates and bands, which grows with them. Few non-Prometheans know what they look like, and those who have are their most trusted friends.


Prometheans are tall humanoids, with deeply hued skin of almost any colour. Their eyes always contrast with their skin, such that a blue Promethean will have yellow, orange, or red eyes, and an orange would have violet, blue, or green. They average between 6' and 7', and are lean but built strongly. They weigh between 200 and 275 pounds on average. The armour they wear covers their head, shoulders, torso, lower legs, and forearms, is usually made of bronze accented with precious metals and gems, and has a Classical appearance.


Promethean society is built around a concept of universal justice. A Promethean will always defend the weak, and uphold what is right, even if it means breaking the law or giving up their own life. Prometheans despise those who use power for selfish purposes, especially when people are hurt in the process, and will do whatever they can to stop them. Despite this, most Prometheans will not kill unless they have no other choice.

Once in a great while, a Promethean will be corrupted. Their skin turns grey, their eyes red, and their armour black. These Prometheans, called Makhai (singular Makhe,) live for destruction, and gain powers far beyond what normal Prometheans have. 


Prometheans adventure to further the cause of good. They usually first set out upon hearing rumour of some evil threatening the innocent, and will pursue their quarry to the ends of the earth. If they can find a group whose goals align with theirs, they will often join it for as long as that remains true. The Prometheans' desire for justice makes them some of the most likely adventurers.