Mongrels have no verbal language, and so have been given their name by other creatures. They are the decendants of many peoples who chose to live in or near the Madlands, either in The Barricades, the countless small islands that surround the central continent of the Madlands, raised by Kreth to ensure the safety of the mortal realm, or in the outskirts of the Madlands themselves. Mongerls have been warped physically by the power of the Madlands, but, surprisingly to most other races, are usually mentally intact. Despite their appearence, Mongrels think much the same way as humans and other such beings, and are often even more calm or trustworthy. However, they do tend to be simplistic, and their sense of humor is not truly understood by anyone else. Often, Mongrels will begin to laugh about things that most people wouldn't see any humor in whatsoever.

Other peoples tend to fear Mongrels, but those who are willing to associate with them, such as the Garna, oftentimes find them the most useful of allies. Many Mongrels will offer services as guides through the madlands for a price.


No two Mongrels are the same. They often seem to be patchwork people, made from bits and pieces of other creatures, humanoid or otherwise. Other times, there is a certain order to a Mongrel's appearence, and their parts form a unique whole. In general, Mongrels always have the same facial expression at all times, be it a scowl or a smile, whether or not the Mongrel's mouth is in funciton. The appearence of Mongrels makes more judging or cultured races view them with fear and/or disgust, and some will even suggest that they are impure and thus should be slaughtered- luckily, these are only a minority. Interestingly enough, all Mongrels do have gender., though it is not usually easy for other races to tell what gender that is.


Mongrels do not usually have much of a society. In general, they live solitarily or in small villages. Mongrels usually get along with eachother, but do not necessarily want to live with others of their kind. Many Mongrels are nomadic, travelling through or around the Madlands in search of one thing or another. Others find a place to lve and stay there, but will move on if their home is threatened by something they cannot take down (as often happens in the Madlands).


Mongrels who choose to leave their homeland typically seek out companionship, personal enjoyment, or simply the freedom to shoose where they go. Of course, most of them appreciate power, and like to hone their skills, magical or physical, and many also enjoy fine objects and clothing, though their body types do not usually permit wearing amor, and their fashion sense is unlike that of any other species.


No two Mongrels are the same, and so there is no telling what, if anything, will be one's moral code. However, they typically do not care enough to devote themselves to good or evil. Though Mongrels are typically free-spirited and fickle, and thus lean towards chaos, it is not uncommon for a Mongrel to devote itself to a cause, and become lawful.

Game StatisticsEdit

Small or Medium Monstrous Humanoid (Madlands)

+2 Mental, +2 Physical, -2 Random: (Choose +2 to one mental or physical score, then roll a d3 for the other to determine which score you increase).-2 Random (Roll 1d6 to determine ability, reroll if it is one to which you got a bonus). You may reroll any one of the two rolls once.

Born of the Madlands: Mongrels recieve a +2 bonus on saves against mind-effecting spells and special abilities, and are immune to the fascinated and confused conditions.

Spell-Like Abilities: All Mongerls can use Prestidigitation at will, and can roll on the following table to determine one other spell-like ability.

Roll (1d6) Spell Uses/Day
1 Lesser Confusion 3
2 Charm Person 3
3 Color Spray 3
4 Hypnotic Pattern 1
5 Mirror Image 1
6 Mage Hand At Will

Body Parts:Edit

No two Mongerls are alike, and in no way is this more obvious than in physical attributes. Mongrels roll on the following tables the listed number of times for definate body parts.

Body Shape: Roll 1d4 once

Mongrel Body Shape
Roll Name
1 Humanoid
2 Humanoid (warped)
3 Monstrous
4 Abominable

Humanoid: Normal bipedal humanoid. Can wear armor, etc with little difficulty.

Humanoid (warped): Similar to humanoid, but some traits make things harder. +2 on intimidation checks against humanoids, -2 on diplomacy against humanoids. Armor costs twice as much (not including magical effects) and must be made specifically for the person. Robes, etc, can still be worn.

Monstrous: Only slightly resemblant of humanoid creature. Armor must be made specially by a mongrel smith, costs double and has extra -2 armor check penalty. Cannot wear robes or other magic items that take up "body" slot. +4 on intimidate against humanoids, -4 on diplomacy. Roll 1d4 on following table.

Monstrous Body Shape
Roll Name
1 Aqueous
2 Quadreped
3 Winged
4 Mismatched

Aqueous: Has webbed feet, swim speed 40, movement speed -10 feet. Can breath underwater twice the normal time.

Quadroped: Has lower section of a horse or similar-shaped creature, or simply two extra legs. Roll twice on the "Legs" table rather than once, and increase land speed by 20 feet.

Winged: Has wings. These wings are not powerful enough to let you fly, but whenever you fall, you fall at only 20 feet per round rather than the normal. You must fall at least ten feet before this comes into effect, however.

Mismatched: Your limbs or other body parts are placed out of order. This does not harm your fighting ability, but gives you a -5 foot penalty to all movement types, and heal checks made on you by non-mongrels have a -5 penalty. However, you may roll 1 extra time on the "extra parts" table.

Abominable: Nothing resembling a human being. Cannot wear armor, creature type changes to abomination. +6 on intimidate against humanoids, +2 against all non-mongrels, -6 on diplomacy. Roll once on the "monstrous" table, and once on this table, rerolling if you are both aqeous and aquatic, or both winged and insectoid.

Abominable Body Shape

Roll Name
1 Insectoid
2 Aquatic
3 Elemental
4 Eldritch
5 Massive
6 Spindly

Insectoid: You have an exoskeleton and wings. You gain a natural armor of 3, but your hit points are reduced by one for each level. You also get a fly speed of 20 feet (average).

Aquatic: You are a completely aquatic creature. You can breath underwater, and have a swim speed of 60 feet. However, you have difficulty breathing air, and can only stay out of water for up to 1 hour/constitution modifier. Drinking at least a gallon of water is able to sustain you for another hour. You gain a +2 bonus on hide, move silently, spot, and listen checks in water, as well as a +1 bonus to attack and damage. However, you take a -1 penalty to attack and damage out of water, and your land speed is reduced by 10 feet.

Elemental: Your body shows traits of one of the four basic elements. You may choose which element.

First of all, you gain the special ability granted to an elemental of your element (Burn, Whirlwind, Earth Glide, Vortex), and can use it as an elemental of a type with equal or lower HD. (With the exception of small elementals, which are your default). The save DCs are the same for water, air, and fire as with elementals. In additon, you gain the following bonus based on your element.

Fire: Fire resistance 10 and +10 foot land speed.

Air: Fly speed of 30 feet (perfect) or 60 feet if you have the "winged" monstrous type or the "wings" bonus body part.

Earth: Natural Armor 2 and DR 2/-

Water: 40 foot swim speed and ability to breathe in water.

Eldritch: You may use a single least warlock invocation as a warlock of one half your level, and gain a +4 bonus on charisma-based checks made with other madlands creatures, and a +2 bonus to your leadership score should you ever take the feat.

Massive: You are bulky and/or obese. Gain 1 extra hit point per level, natural armor 1, and a +2 bonus on attack and damage when charging, and a +4 bonus on bull rush checks. However, you take a -5 foot penalty to movement speed, and -4 to balance and tumble checks.

Spindly: Your limbs and form are bony and thin, and you move with unearthly alacrity. Add +10 to all your movement types, a +6 bonus to climb, jump, and tumble checks, and a +2 dodge bonus to armor class.

Skin: Roll 1d6 Once

Mongrel Skin
Roll: Name:
1 Normal
2 Slimy
3 Bioluminescent
4 Scaly
5 Thick
6 Poisonous

Normal: No Special Effects

Slimy: +4 on resisting grapples, Escape Artist checks, -2 on starting grapples, +2 sleight of hand

Bioluminescent: Glows in the dark. Shed light as torch, attracts certain creatures. -4 on hide checks in dark.

Scaly: +2 natural armor

Thick: +1 natural armor, DR 1/-

Poisonous: Anyone grappling has a 50% chance of being poisoned, attacking unarmed 25% chance. Fortitude DC= 10+Con mod. Other Mongrels are immune to this.

Arm: Roll 1d8 Twice

Mongrel Arms
Roll: Name:
1 Normal
2 Small
3 Clawed
4 Extending
5 Large
6 Combined
7 Suction
8 Self-Aware

Normal: Completely normal for creature of that size

Small: Arm is smaller for creature of that size. Can only use weapons of one size smaller than the creature's size, and unarmed strikes do damage as if creature was one size smaller. If this is rolled, roll one more time, treating rolls of small, large, or combined as rolls of "normal" to determine other attributes of the arm.

Clawed: Arm is covered in spikes. Unarmed strikes do piercing damage (1d4, lethal) rathen than normal unarmed strike damage. Damage is automatically done every round during a grapple, without adding strength bonus.

Extending: Arm can be stretched several feet and still used effectively. This arm has extra 5-foot reach. It can also attack adjacent creatures, though.

Large: As Small, but treat as one size larger rather than smaller. If using a large two-handed weapon and other arm isn't large, take -2 penalty to attack rolls. Cannot use large two-handed weapon if other arm is small.

Combined: Mongrel only has one arm. This arm has increased strength, however, and two-handed weapons can be used in it at a -1 penalty to attack and damage. One handed and light weapons used in this hand get a +2 bonus to melee damage. Two-handed ranged weapons can't be used. Apply traits from other arm to this arm.

Suction: Arm has suction like squid's tentacles, sometimes looks like a tentacle. +2 bonus on/against disarm checks, on grapple checks.

Self-Aware: Arm has mind of its own. Cannot speak, etc, nor use intelligent thought, but can act on its own. Must make charisma or wisdom check vs DC 10 to control arm, otherwise DM chooses what arm does. If creature falls unconscious, 50% chance arm can still act, is controlled by DM. +1 bonus on attack/damage with weapon in this hand when two-weapon fighting

Legs: Roll 1d6 once (or twice, if quadroped)

Roll Name
1 Normal
2 Clawed
3 Leaping
4 Cloven
5 Sprinting
6 Twisted

Normal: Normal, humanoid legs.

Clawed: Your legs have claws, like those of a veloceraptor. You get a +4 bonus on resisting trip and bull rush attempts due to your better grip on the ground, and you can move across difficult terrain as normal. In addition, if you are capable of making overrun attempts, deal 1d6+ strength modifier slashing or piercing damage per claw. You cannot wear any sort of footwear.

Leaping: Your feet are well-equipped for jumping. Double the height of all your vertical jumps, and the length of all your horizontal jumps.

Cloven: Your land speed is increased by 10 feet, and you must wear magic horseshoes rather than shoes. If you can overrun people, you deal 1d4+strength modifier bludgeoning damage per foot on an overrun check.

Sprinting: You move an extra 20 feet on a charge, and, when running, can move twice as fast but for half as long. In addition, three times per day, you can double the speed of a move action.

Twisted: Your legs are warped an grotesque, inefficient for walking. You take a -10 foot penalty to land speed, and a -4 penalty on jump, climb, and balance checks.

Eyes: Roll 1d8 twice on the following table. Aside from "Self-Aware," all of these apply to both eyes.

Roll Name
1 Normal
2 Darkvision
3 Low-Light Vision
4 Blindsense
5 Aurasight
6 Self-Aware
7 Combined
8 Moveable

Normal: Regular humanoid or animal eye

Darkvision: Gain Darkvision 30 feet

Low-Light vision: Gain Low-Light vision

Blindsense: Gain Blindsense 30 feet

Aurasight: You can use detect magic at will

Self-Aware: Your eye can see things you aren't paying attention to, even when you're asleep, or unconscious. For example, if you're distacted by a dramatic public show, and someone sneaks up behind you with a knife, your eye has a chance of warning you, provided that it sees it.

Combined: You have only one, large eye. Gain +4 to spot and search checks, and apply whatever else you roll to this eye.

Moveable: You can take out your eyes painlessly and put them on other parts of your body to better see things. However, if both eyes are in dramatically different places, you take a -2 penalty to spot and search, and must make a fortitude save (DC= Search/Spot Check DC-5) whenever you try to focus with both eyes at once or be dazed for 1d4 rounds.

Mouth: Roll 1d4 once on the following table.

Roll Name
1 Normal
2 Disfunctional
3 Fanged
4 Moveable

Normal: Normal humanoid or animal mouth.

Disfunctional: Cannot speak. You must rely on body language to speak with any creatures.

Fanged: You can make a bite attack to do 1d4 damage, including as part of a full attack.

Moveable: You can move your mouth to different parts of your body. This has no constant bonuses or penalties, but can be situationally useful.

Extra Parts: Choose one from the following list, and then roll twice more to randomly determine others.Edit

Roll Name
1 Extra Arm
2 Extra Leg
3 Extra Eye
4 Extra Mouth
5 Wings
6 Tentacle
7 Hand Blade
8 Intuitive Magic
9 Warping Breath
10 Alluring Perfume
11 Horrible Stench
12 Eye of Command
13 Horns
14 Carrion Cyst
15 Keen Nose
16 Backwards Leg
17 Stiff Arm
18 Insatiable Appetite
19 Fin
20 Terrible Howl

Extra Arm/Leg/Eye/Mouth: Roll one more time on the corresponding table. Keep in mind that extra arms cannot be used for combat without the Multiweapon Fighting feat. If an extra mouth is recieved, and both can speak, roll a d8. If a 6 is rolled, the Mongrel can speak in two languages at once (one per mouth); if a 7 is rolled, the Mongrel can say two things at once, one per mouth. If an 8 is rolled, the Mongrel can do both, including at the same time.

Wings: The Mongrel can glide, and if a drop is at least thirthy feet, it falls at twenty feet per round after the first twenty, ignoring falling damage. If the mongrel already has the "winged" monstrous type, it instead gains a fly speed of 30 feet (poor).

Tentacle: The mongrel has a tentacle growing somewhere in its body- for example, in the middle of its chest, or where a tail would be. This tentacle can be used as a secondary natural attack, doing 1d6 bludgeoning damage. Roll a d4- if you roll a 3 or 4, you also heal one hit point every time you attack with this tentacle.

Hand Blade: One of your hands is replace with a sword-like bony protrusion. Treat this as a longsword, though if you have two, you may treat the offhand hand blade as a light weapon.

Intuitive Magic: You have a slight glow on some part of your body that signifies you inherent magical prowess. You can add the Silent Spell or Still Spell feat to all your spells from one class (choose at first, cannot be changed), and roll one more time on the spell-like ability table.

Warping Breath: Once per day, you can breath a 15-foot cone of some unknowable substance. Everyone in the cone must make a reflex save (DC 10+1/2 level+constitution mod) or be turned into a randomly determined tiny, small, or medium animal for one round.

Alluring Perfume: You give off a pleasing scent. Roll a d4. A 1 or 2 means that the smell is always present, while a 3 means you can't control when it is (aside from the intense scent 1/day), and a 4 means that you can always choose whether it's active. Mongrels that can smell you are usually friendly towards you (will DC 10+cha mod negates) and many animals find themselves drawn to you. As a full-round action once per day, you can intensify the scent to a huge extent. All creatures within 15 feet of you must make a will save or become fascinated for one round and then dazed for another round, and all others within another 15 feet must make a will save or become dazed for one round. Save DC= 10+1/2 level+cha mod. Save DC is two lower farther away.

Horrible Stench: You give off a terrible stink. Roll a d4. A 1 or 2 means that you can control the smell, while a 3 means it is released whenever you're scared, and a 4 means that it is constantly active. The smell makes all non-mongrels within 10 feet of you sickened (fort DC 10+con mod negates). In addition, once per day, you can intensify the stink as a full round action. All creatures within 15 feet are nausiated for 1 round and sickened for 1d4+1 rounds, while all creatures within 30 feet are only sickened for 1 round. The save DC for this ability is 10+1/2 level+con mod, -2 for those who are 20 to 30 feet away.

Eye of Command: You have a glowing, eye-like growth on your body (usually your forehead) that grants you a degree of control over certain creatures. Roll on the following table.

Roll Creature Type
1 Vermin
2 Animals
3 Humanoids
4-6 Madlands Subtype

Twice per day, you can try to charm a creature of this type (Will DC 10+Cha mod+1/2 level negates). In addition, at sixth level, you recieve a permanent cohort of that creature type.

Horns: You gain horns. Roll 1d4. On a 3 or 4, they are strong enough to be used as weapons, giving you a headbutt attack (1d4 damage). On a 1 or 2, they are completely for show.

Carrion Cyst: You have undead flesh somewhere in your body. You are healed by negative energy instead of positive energy.

Keen Nose: You have the nose of a wolf, a bear, or another animal with impressive scent. You gain the scent ability.

Backwards Leg: One of your legs is turned the wrong way. You take a -10 foot penalty to movement speed, and enemies get a +2 bonus on trip attempts against you. However, you can move backwards just as easily as you move forwards.

Stiff Arm: One of your arms is difficult to move. You take a -2 penalty on attack and damage rolls with this arm, and have 15% arcane spell failure chance if you use it for the somatic components of spells.

Insatiable Appetite: You are always hungry. For every two waking hours during which you do not eat something, you get a -1 penalty to attack, damage, saves, and checks. If you do not eat for a full 24 hours, you go mad with hunger, and try to find something edible and devour it, even if it's another person.

Fin: You have a large fin on your back. You get a +4 bonus on swim checks, but cannot carry things on your back or wear capes.

Terrible Howl: You can let out a horrible scream 3/day. Every non-mongrel within 60 feet must make a will save (DC 10+Cha mod+1/2 level) or be panicked for 1 round and shaken for 1d4+1 rounds. Even on a successful save, they are still shaken for 1 round.

Favored Class: Any