An Adult Lumenorian



A strange, alien people that appeared in Arziak no more than a century ago, Lumenorians are feared by many and mistrusted by all. After seizing control over half of the isle of Grast, they have created a powerful and structured society, nearly all members of which work to further the goals of the race.

Lumenorians are creaures of pure light. However, after existing in a state of meditation for five years, they are given a dark cloak to wear, which becomes a part of them, and cannot be removed by any mortal means. This cloak not only carries a great social significance, it also grants reasonable power to the Lumenorian who wears it. After learning for ten more years how best to deal with the world around them firsthand, through intense training from its superiors, a Lumenorian recieves its mask, which grants it powers to influence the other races, and marks it as a fully developed adult.

It is not known how exaclty Lumenorians reproduce, but they have confirmed that they completely lack a gender. If they feel emotions, they are not the same as those of humans, elves, and other such creatures, though they seem to understand the emotions of most other creatures. They speak telepathically, and are usually very well-spoken, though more purposeful than elegant in their speech.


Lumenorians are always about exactly six feet tall, though they usually hover at least a foot above the ground, so they usually appear taller. Their form is like to a human made of pure light, with no facial features. Adults always wear shadowy cloaks and pearly white masks- each mask is unique, but most are relatively simple. Some look somewhat like human faces, but others are drastically different. Lumenorians can speak telepathically to other intelligent creatures, who automatically understand the Lumenorian, but those creatures cannot automatically respond- they have to speak normally to the Lumenorian, and the Lumenorian may or may not understand the other speaker. Lumenorians are fascinated by language, and try to learn as many as possible. Lumenorians learn at an alarming rate, but if they are in a hurry, they tend to use their Comprehend Languages ability. Even though they look to be made of pure light, they are actually corporeal, though they only weight 10 to 20 lbs.


Lumenorian society is orderly, but difficult to understand. The greatest magic users amongst the Lumenorians live in one of eight great black towers, made of a substance similar to obsidian. These towers, which have no official name, are usually simply called "The Black Towers." Each one is slightly different in appearence, and each probably has some special meaning, but the archmagi that live within are loath to explain it. Other Lumenorians live in buildings that originally belonged to the humans that lived in the western half of Grast. Almost all lumenorians have orderly piles of books in their homes, and most have read every one. Since their arrival to Grast, their half of the isle has turned to a state or perpetual twilight.

All Lumenorians seek to further the goals of their entire race. The Archmagi speak of some great achievment towards which they wish to bring their people, but they only tell the details to their most trusted servants. The Archmagi are more like humanoid races in their demeanor than the rest of their kind- they at least act as if they have human emotions, though if they do, they do not allow emotions to influence their actions. They are cold and calculating, and most importantly, ambitious. Each has its own agenda, and they have been known to destroy or otherwise eliminate eachother when those ambitions clash. For whatever reason, however, probably this great goal for all Lumenorians, this has not happened for some time. Archmagi are identifyable because their cloaks are dark and glossy, and change tint with the light, and their masks have red markings on the "forehead" signifying their chosen school of magic. There is always one archmage for each school, and all of them are wizards.

Lumenorians also have a priesthood, who worship Je'iex, (Shjay-eex), a god of light and knowledge. Je'iex teaches that all should be sacrificed for the good of the Lumenorian people if needs be, and that the other races of the world, though worthy of respect and dignity due to being intelligent beings, are still inferior to Lumenorians, and should be used in whatever ways necessary to further Lumenorian society. Clerics of Je'iex have access to the Sun, Law, Air, Trickery, and Domination domains. Priests can be identified because their cloaks are silvery rather than black, and shimmer in the light.


Lumenorians go adventuring for a number of reasons. Usually, it is to further the cause of their race, but rare individuals somehow break free of the stranglehold of Lumenorian society and strike out on their own. However, if such individuals prove themselves a potential danger to the rest of their kind, the Archmagi typically try to destroy them. Nearly all adventuring Lumenorians are magic users.


All non-adventuring Lumenorians are Lawful Neutral, aside from Archmagi, who can be of any nonchaotic alignment. Adventuring Lumenorians can be of any alignment, but are still rarely anything but True Neutral and Lawful Neutral.

Racial TraitsEdit

+2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength

Medium Outsider (Native): Lumenorians are affected by all spells and other abilities that rely on creature type as Outsiders, aside from banishment effects, which do not work on them. In addition, they have no need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. Unlike most outsiders, they can be brought back from the dead, but doing so does have a 25% chance of failure. In addition, they do not suffer aging penalies, though they do always die irreversably at the age of 150.

Speed: 10 feet, fly 30 feet (good)

Telepathy: Lumenorians can speak with any creature within 50 feet that has a language telepathically. However, it can only speak with one creature/two levels at a time.

Body of Light: Lumenorians are scintillating, though their cloaks help to hide this. Still, anyone attempting to attack a Lumenorian physically suffers a 15% miss chance, and anyone attacking it physically or magically (touch/targeted spells only, not area spells) is dazzled for one round with no save. In addition, Lumenorians are immune to being dazzled or blinded. In addition, they have a natural armor of 1.

Cloak of Night: Lumenorians wear black cloaks to cover most of their bodies. These cloaks also give some mental prowess. Lumenorians receive a +2 bonus on stealth checks, a +3 insight bonus to AC, and a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells. However, they are unable to wear armor of any kind, or any magic item that takes up the body slot.

Mask of the Moon: Lumenorians recieve a pearly white mask upon reaching adulthood. This mask helps to better influence the minds of mortal creatures, and can even look like one if they wish. Lumenorians get a +2 bonus on bluff and +4 on disguise checks, and can use Disguise Self 2/day, Silent Image 2/day, and Light and Mage Hand at will.

Unearthly: Lumenorians' minds do not function the same way as those of other races, and so those races find Lumenorians unnerving. Lumenorians receive a +4 bonus on intimidate, and any non-Lumenorian trying to use sense motive on one takes a -4 penalty. However, Lumenorians also take a -2 penalty on Sense Motive and Diplomacy checks when dealing with mortals. Any humanoid or monstrous humanoid trying to use mind control on a Lumenorian does so as normal, but must also make a will save (DC 12+Lumenorian's Intelligence mod) or be confused the next round.

Knowledgeable: Lumenorians gain a +2 bonus on all knowledge skills, and treat all knowledge skills as class skills.

Favored Classes: Wizard, Cleric