A race from the deserts of Daikon, the Garna (singular Garn) are the oldest known inhabitants of Arziak. They are a generally peacable people, but are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Garna are much the same as humans in many ways. They have similar desires, similar goals, and similar behaviors, but are generally less quick to act. Many Garna are sorcerers, who usually specialize in evocation (particularly fire spells) or divination. Sorcery comes naturally to the Garna, and any of them can choose to turn to it at any point in their lives, assuming they have the mental focus and dedication to go through with it.

Garna are wise and personable, and also great lovers of knowledge. However, many of them are also mighty warriors, and they tend to fight unarmed, their claws giving their punches greater effect. Garna monks are known as Kor-Garna, and Garna sorcerers, who wield magic unlike any other, are called Cal-Garna.


Garna have red skin, a lean frame, clawed hands, cloven feet, and a head similar to that of a goat. However, they do not grow fur, aside from hair and beards like those of Humans, though they tend to grow longer beards faster. Hair color ranges from red to white. Garna also have horns, that begin only as stubs, and grow larger and curve as they age. Aside from head and feet, however, Garna are primarily humanoid in build. Kor-Garna tend to wear only very simple garb, which leaves them room to move about, while Cal-Garna are usually ostentatious and enjoy wearing all manner of finery. The average Garn wears simple white or boiled leather armor, and almost none wear metal armor. Garna (aside from Kor-Garna, who tend to take oaths of voluntary poverty) often have a great love of gold. Garna clothing, architecture, jewelry and equipment is usually similar to that of ancient Egypt.


Garna society is a loose feudal society. It is run by a single monarch, known as the Kralt, who has a great deal of control over a large area, from a single city to an entire empire. There are also nobles, warriors and guardsmen, and peasants. Most Garnan cities do not practice slavery, but a few rulers do enslave prisoners of war and criminals, and some harsher ones will capture members of other races and establish a slave trading system. The empire of Dall has one such ruler, Kralt Cerak, who believes himself to be a god and strives to bring all Garna under his heel. Cal-Garna are usually independant from the rest of society, coming and going as they please, and though they do still have to follow laws, etc, they do not belong to any social caste. Kor-Garna usually serve as elite warriors, bodyguards, and law enforcement, though some have risen to become powerful warlords.


Garna adventure for the same reason as anyone else. For gold, for glory, for power, or for the greater good. Cal-Garna often simply enjoy to travel, such as the well-known Vornak the Vagabond, who enjoys partaking in adventures for the sake of the adventure, and has been known to lend aid to travellers in need.


Garna can be of any alignment, and often vary from person to person. Kor-Garna are always lawful, and usually serve under a ruler, while Cal-Garna tend to dislike being restrained in the Garnan cities, preferering to explore the world, and so are usually chaotic or neutral on that axis. Most Garna are neutral on the good-evil axis, and they don't tend toward good any more or less than toward evil.

Game StatisticsEdit

Medium Monstrous Humanoid

+2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution

Speed: 30 Feet

Magical Affinity: Garna are magical in nature, and so find that, should they turn towards spellcasting, they are above average in that field. A Garn's spellcasting ability modifier is treated as 1 higher than normal for the purpose of bonus spells.

Born of the Deset: Garna hail from the desert, and so are well adapted to heat. Garna gain a +2 bonus on saves against heat effects, including fire.

Garnan Vigor: Garna do not suffer penalties to their physical ability scores when they age. In addition, they are immune to fatigue, and any effect that would normally exhaust them instead fatigues them.

Magical Specialty: Garnan spellcasters tend to find certain spells easier to cast than others. A Garn can choose one of the following: Evocation, Fire spells, Divination, Enchantment, and Conjuration. All spells of that level get +1 DC and +2 spell penetration. This is treated as the spell focus feat for the purpose of applying for prestige classes.

Garnian Knowledge: The Garn are an ancient and learned people, and were the first to research the Madlands. They gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (History, Arcana, Madlands, and Religion) checks, and treat all of them as class skills.

Unarmed Superiority: Garnan hands are clawed, and so are excellent for fighting unarmed. However, Garna are not well adapted to wielding weapons. Garna gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls on unarmed strikes, and a -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls with any manufactured weapon.

Low-Light Vision

Favored Classes: Sorcerer, Monk